Easily Relatable & Consumable 

Readily Accessible & Affordable

Instant Multi-Modal Communication with speech-enabled and multi-lingual UI 

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• Text Chat

• Voice Call

• Video Conference & Virtual Interaction

• Remote Collaboration

• Conversational AI

• Transcription & Translation

• Text-to-Speech Conversion

• Speech-to-Speech Native Language Chat

• AI Assistant & Generative AI

• Inbound Voice Call from Any Telephone Device to Join Video Conference

• Outbound Voice to Any Valid Telephone Number (E.164)

• Real-time Recording in Multi-Media & Intelligent Search in Playback of Recording 

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Across Geography  

     & Overcoming Barriers due to

                • Languages 

                • Cultures

                • Politics 

                • Economic Conditions 


• significantly enhances the efficacy and efficiency of work operations

• greatly extends the scope and reach of your addressable markets

• enables you to make telephone call at low cost when travelling abroad

• enables you to be reachable through public telephone network to receive a voice call from anyone anywhere when you are travelling abroad

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​You can make out-dial calls to ANY valid telephone number, right from within a video conference.

That means you can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

See What I See, Touch What I Touch

SWISTWIT: Virtually Pinpoint Anything in Real-Time, it allows you to virtually pinpoint and highlight specific items in real-time during video calls.

Perfect for detailed discussions, virtual tours, telemedicine and remote support. 

How It Works? 

Take a look at this video for a glimpse into the versatile applications of ECO123 in various communication contexts.

For Professional Use 

 Boosting Productivity with Multi-Modal Communication: Effortlessly switch between text chat, voice calls, and video calls with just one tap.

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For Personal Use

ECO123 lets you chat, make voice calls, and engage in video calls with foreign-language speakers from all corners of the world.

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